New crete for Lichfield!
9th December 2013

After several years of campaigning and planning, Lichfield’s dream of a local Skatepark is becoming a reality! Check out the winning design here and get over to Lichfield in Feb 2014 for the grand opening!

Wokingham gets a revamp!
30th October 2013

With voting complete, Gravity’s design for new equipment at Wokingham Skatepark came out favourite among local riders, the project is now underway and we look forward to completion by the end of November!!!

Destination Torquay…
17th September 2013

After years of campaigning, riders from Torquay are stoked to finally get a place to call their own. The 1500mm deep elbow bowl features all sorts of new tech from Gravity including a unique screed system for that super smooth finish! Expect completion by the end of October.

Woohoo for Wootton!
5th August 2013

Riders from Wootton in Bedfordshire have landed this rad park with street section and open bowl. Designed by Gravity’s Rob Ratcliffe and Aaron Linch the £100k facility features a unique three sided jump box with imbedded wedges, open bowl with pool section and a street set up with hubba ledge, rail and pyramid hip. The facility is now under construction with completion expected by mid September...

Ramps Ramps Ramps...
29th July 2013

When concrete is not an option; Gravity’s sound dampened steel equipment is seriously tough. This month we’re installing three facilities; Patchway, Clavering and Wallsend. Our super smooth concrete bases are the ideal surface to house skate ramps, and come with a 10 year Warranty to match the equipment!

Markfield get some crete :)
4th June 2013

Skaters from Markfield in Leicestershire worked closely with Gravity head of design Rob Ratcliffe on this rad little park! Construction is now complete and the official opening is expected later this month!

What happened at Livi?!
4th June 2013

During a tough winter build we rejected and replaced five sections at Livi, things are progressing, and we look forward to handing West Lothian Council a rad park very soon.

Acle Skatepark is GO!
28th May 2013

Check out Acle’s new Skatepark, off Bridewell Lane, Norfolk. The scheme includes a bowled quarter, spined mini, and a jump box with step up feature!

Time to visit Guernsey!
7th May 2013

Thinking of a summer trip? Then why not head to the beautiful Island of Guernsey, oh and while your there don’t forget to shred this beast of a Skatepark!

Arbroath Skatepark is far too rad!
26th April 2013

Gravity designers Rob Ratcliffe and Rob Selley teamed up with Arbroath's local riders to come up with this sick park! Funding for the new facility is underway, with construction expected later this year...

Hamsterley Skatepark gets lift off!
6th March 2013

Hamsterley skatepark is now under construction with completion expected by the end of March. The new set up includes a spined mini with extension and jump box...

Guernsey gets extreme!
9th January 2013

After a decade of work from ministers and generous locals Guernsey has finally secured one of the largest skateparks in the UK! the new facility has an intricate bowl set up combined with a modern plaza section and an area dedicated for beginners. The project is now underway with a grand opening scheduled for march 2013.